Radiologists Acknowledge the Benefits of the new Toshiba Computer Tomograph

On April 5th of this year, along with the opening of the Baltic Academy of Radiology, which is under the wing of the Medical center ARS Diagnostic Clinic tika prezentēts currently the only 320 layer computer tomograph – Toshiba Aquilion One Genesis in the Baltics, was presented.
Radiologists – diagnostics, who carry out patient examinations with the new diagnostic equipment, acknowledge its main benefits – the necessary examination time, a reduced X-ray radiation dose, as well as, of course, the test image quality.

Dr. Zanda KRASTINA (specialist in the field of thoracic, abdominal and cardiovascular radiology): “Both the X-ray radiation dose and examination time is significantly reduced when carrying out heart and coronary blood vessel examinations with the new DT equipment. In addition,  the received radiation dose during examination is also significantly lower when using Radiation Reduction Programs. The big plus: it is now possible to examine the heart in the span of one heartbeat if the patient exam is prepared in advance, using the according medication, and heart rate being around 50 to 55 times per minute. One heartbeat can provide complete information on heart cavities, myocardium, valves and coronary artery anatomy, pathology and function. ”
Dr. Ilze PRIEDITE (a specialist in thoracic and cardiovascular radiology): “Chest CT examinations can be performed much quicker with the new machine. This greatly reduces the breath retention time for the patient and makes conducting the examination easier, as well as reduces the amount of contrast medium used. The Radiation Reduction Program reduces the resulting radiation. It is very important to patients with oncological and chronic lung diseases, carrying out control tests.

As well as low-radiation-dose CT screening for lung parenchyma examinations of small pulmonary nodules diagnosis is available, the radiation dose being similar to the X-ray. Possible for the lungs – a combination of abdominal CT examinations  – at one time, it reduces the radiation dose received and the amount of contrast medium, which is important both for oncology patients and examinations for initial evaluation of the disease process of spaciousness, as well as for control examinations after treatment. ”

Dr. Evija OLMANE (a specialist in the field of abdominal radiology): “The new CT equipment has several clear advantages in the investigation of abdominal organs: The radiation dose of the X-ray is significantly reduced. The intravenous contrast medium amount is calculated automatically, according to the patient’s weight, which reduces the contrast medium dose. The examination time is brief.
A special program with a very low X-ray radiation dose is available, which is particularly important for patients with oncological diseases who need to undergo repeated CT examinations.”
“Radiology is one of those areas wherein we feel strong and strive towards expanding the range of our offers, and it is, of course, made possible by the fact that even more and more Latvian medical institutions have the option to choose modern high-quality products and equipment.
The Medical center ARS has taken a step towards the future with this choice and, I’m sure, has inspired other medical institutions, in their search for the highest quality services, to plan the renewal and replenishment of their medical equipment as well, ” says A.medical’s Chairman Igor Palkovs.

In addition to modern computer tomography apparatus (CT), among which a special place is taken by the new 320 layer Toshiba Aquilion One Genesis, A.medical offers the most comprehensive diagnostic radiology equipment and a range of solutions, including:

  • magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI) (Toshiba)
  • angiography devices (Toshiba)
  • digital mammography equipment (Hologic)
  • ultrasound equipment (Toshiba)
  • stationary and mobile X-ray equipment
  • digitization solutions for analogue devices
  • radiologist workstations and medical monitors
  • PACS solutions

A.medical offers diagnostic equipment from Agfa, Carestream, Hologic, Toshiba and other world-renowned brands.

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